The best views of downtown Columbus are from Short North Apartments  

As any renter in our great city of Columbus knows, there are prices to be paid for all the different amenities that are desirable around the city. The most important amenity that most renters are seeking when they head out to find a place to live in the city is the view. There are many great views to be had along the river and in other higher end places in the city, but as all the tenants in the Short North Apartments know, the best kept secret in Columbus is that the very best views of downtown Columbus are to be had from the west facing apartments in the Short North Apartment complex. The incredible thing about this complex is that there are not high rents, and the demand is easily managed by the larger complex and the great and friendly staff who work there. All that means that every new resident who is moving into the Columbus are and wants some great downtown views, Short North Apartments is the perfect place to start and end your apartment search. The location is perfect, not too far from the city or from the several different freeway entrances. And there are more amenities than just the view of the city across the river.

The first and most important amenity after the view is the outdoor benefits of living in this complex. short north apartmentsThere are several different park grounds that can be found around the area, and those all include outdoor grilling areas, gardens, dog parks, and pools with adjacent hot tubs. This makes it wonderful in the summer, because the downtown views can be had from the apartments, but then there is also so much to do directly outside the buildings. The dog park is one of our main benefits that we can offer to our residents, and for those who do not have dogs or other pets, the pools with the hot tubs and bbq’s are their favorite places to be in the warmer weather.

The second most important amenity that we at the Lykens Companies Short North Apartments can offer to those who are moving into our complex and are new to the city is secure, safe, underground parking. All units come with up to two spaces for parking in the underground parking garage. These areas are always watched by secure video feed, and there is a security officer who will ensure the safety of all vehicles parked at the residences at all times. This gives all of our residents the peace of mind to know that their cars are safe and sound when they are parked at their home. From the covered underground parking for those harsh winter months, to the great outdoor recreation areas for those sunny summer months, the views and amenities at Short North Apartments simply cannot be beat by any other apartment complex in Columbus, downtown or adjacent to the city center.

Steps for effective marijuana web design.

When you imagine your dispensary or marijuana business, what do you see? What http://www.marijuanamarketinggurus.comimages pop into your head to represent your business and the way that you want your potential customers to see you? What do you think will draw them in and encourage them to become a part of your community? These are all important questions to ponder as you think about the ways in which you would like to see yourself represented online. The fact of the matter is that your marijuana digital marketing strategy can change the course of your business, so if you do not take the time to think carefully about your work, then you will end up falling behind as more people jump up to take your place. You cannot afford to be slow or lazy about your digital marketing campaigns at this time, especially because the market for dispensaries is so big right now. Wait too long and you will end up with a company that has fallen out of relevance rather than a company that has been well established as a community name.

In order to avoid this kind of destruction, there are few important steps to be taken. The first is to solicit the aid of the Marijuana Marketing Gurus to set your digital marketing campaign up. They know the market, the industry, and how best to use digital marketing tools to increase the number of people browsing through your website and eventually walking through your door. With that in mind, it is easy to see why working with the Marijuana Marketing Gurus can really prove powerful in your business model. One of the first steps that they will take in helping you to improve your web presence is by working on your marijuana web design. You website is possibly the most important thing you can work on, or at least the very first thing that you should work on. Your website is the way that your potential customer base will view you. They will understand who you are as a company based on the way that your website looks and feels. Do not let that fall to the wayside. Five quick things that you can do to make your website really shine are the following:

1. Catch potential customers’s attention within seven seconds. If it takes any longer to engage them, then you will have lost them altogether. Try an eye catching slogan or logo, whatever you find best represents your company.

2. Don’t get lost in fancy art and designs; make your website easy to follow. It should be especially clear how to get in touch with you and the main tenets of your dispensary.

3. Functionality must marry aesthetics, because without a good looking and functional website, you will lose customers in a hurry.

4. Your goal is to convert casual internet browsers into customers that will come and keep coming. This is why your website should stand out in a way that allows this to happen.

5. Your website needs to be able to be displayed on screens of all shapes and sizes. With so many people conducting searches via phone, this aspect could not be more important!

Tips for choosing the right company to install your home automation. the right company to install your home automation is incredibly important.  Home automation is a very technical science, that requires various degrees of rewiring cables throughout the house, electrical work, and technical work.  It is important to find a company that you can trust because they will be working on your house, most likely the most valuable possession that you own.  Here are some tips for finding the right company in your area.

1.  Experience.  The first thing that you want to look for in a home automation company is experience.  Rather than finding a company that will do it at the cheapest rate, simply because they are looking to gain business, you should find a company that has been in the industry for a long time.  Given that the home automation business is a fairly new thing, it should not be too difficult to find a company in your area that has been in the game since the beginning.

2.  Transparency.  This could be said of finding the right company in any field, but be sure to locate a home automation company that is transparent about their costs as well as the work they have done in the past.  A company that is transparent is fairly easy to spot.  They will have pictures of their past work on their website, so you can browse through the jobs that they have completed and determine if the work is up to your standards.  Also, they will typically offer a free consultation and give you an estimate on the costs of the work before they jump in.

3.  Diversity of services.  When determining which company will be the best for installing your home automation, you should also look for a company that performs a wide variety of services in this field.  For example, companies that also install home theater systems, do commercial as well as residential automation systems, and offer a wide variety of services related to audio work will install the best home automation system because they understand all of the various aspects of home automation.  Rather than simply understanding how to connect cables and run your home automation, they will understand the ins and outs of the process and be able to explain to you the work they are doing in a clear and coherent manner.

4.  Variety.  The last thing to look for in a home automation company is the variety of home automation services that they offer.  They should be able to connect your appliances, your lights, your gaming system, your home theater, your security system, your locks, and more to your home automation system, and they should be able to make it unique to your needs and desires.

One such company that offers the home automation described above in Denver is Quality Audio Video.  They have experience in both residential and commercial automation systems, they have wonderful pictures of their past work on their website, and they have the experience necessary to install the home automation you have always dreamed of.


Finding a self storage unit is one of many things to consider during a move.

When someone is looking to move they don’t want to be stressed on top of being stressed but unfortunately that is kinda the nature of moving. Moving can be incredibly overwhelming because of all the different things that you have to consider when you are self storagemoving. Here are some of the different things most people are stressing about when it comes to their move.

1. Where am I going to put all of my stuff that won’t fit in my new temporary place? A lot of people move without having a set place in mind or move into a temporary apartment until their house sells and they are able to afford to buy another house. What people need in this instance is a self storage unit so they can drop their stuff off as needed and pick it up as easily.

2. Selling your house if you are a home owner. Selling a house can be incredibly stressful especially if you are living in a place where the house market isn’t so great. For example, Denver, Colorado has a great housing market right now because everyone wants to move there. Wichita Falls, TX however does not because no one wants to move there.

3. The move itself. A lot of people do what they can to make their move a handful of times if they are lucky enough to be moving to a city that is relatively close to the one they are currently living in. For those that live far away don’t have a way to make several trips and have to rent a rental truck. Some storage unit companies actually will let you rent a truck which is so useful and then of course if you are doing several trips you may need to store your belongings in a storage unit between visits.

4. Getting rid of the things that you don’t need anymore doesn’t have to be stressful for you but have you ever heard of sentimental clutter? That can be really difficult to let go of indeed. There are lots of little tricks people give you in letting go of sentimental clutter but it can still be very difficult. Here’s some advice: have fun with it! Don’t get too caught up in the clutter and stress. How often do you get to go through your stuff in one sitting?

5. Once you determine if you need to rent a self storage rental you are going to have to determine what kind of storage unit you are going to want. What amenities are non-negotiable for you and all of your things? Need it be climate controlled? How stringent of security would you like to have? Where would like it to be located? What hours are you looking for in terms of hours you can access your belongings?

6. Do you have a job when you are deciding to move? Did you pick the city first or did you move for a job? Are you moving for friends? Do you already have a place to live?

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful! Just try and enjoy it as best you can.

You Need to See a Family Dentist, Twice a Year, to Avoid Serious Oral Health Conditions.

family dentistKeeping yourself and your family in good health is the most important thing in your life to maintain.  That being said, maintaining good health is not as tricky or complicated, as many people think it is.  Instead, maintaining good health comes down to exercising common sense, eating well, exercising, and maintaining good hygiene.  In terms of hygiene, one of the most important aspects is your oral hygiene.  Oral hygiene is a determining factor, when it comes to your oral health, and your oral health has a large effect on your overall state of health.  While the day-to-day side of oral hygiene is up to you, the other side of maintaining oral hygiene is going to your family dentist, every six months.  You need to see a family dentist, twice a year, to avoid serious oral health conditions, that can develop over time.  In Edmonton, the best family dental clinic is Refresh Dental.  You can contact them, through their website,

Failing to maintain good oral hygiene can result in countless different health problems.  In terms of your oral health, though, there are a couple of conditions that dentists are generally most wary of, since they are so common.  Cavities are the first of these conditions.  Cavities are exceptionally common, but they are not necessarily terribly difficult to treat, particularly when caught early on, in their development.  In fact, a dentist can simply remove the diseased portion of the tooth, using a small dental drill.  Because they are so common, the most common oral procedure performed at family dental clinics is the filling of cavities.  Because cavities typically only affect one tooth, at a time, they are actually not quite as dangerous as the other common oral condition, periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease is an even more serious problem than cavities because it affects the entirety of your gum tissue, relatively quickly.  In less time than you would like to think, periodontal disease can spread throughout your gum tissue, which can ultimately result in the deterioration of the roots of the teeth.  This, as you can probably guess, eventually leads to the loss of teeth.  Periodontal disease is also the main reason why people must receive dental implants, as they are meant to replace the damaged roots of teeth.  It is, after all, periodontal disease that destroys the roots of your teeth the most quickly.

Dental care is incredibly important, as you age, but it is equally important, during a child’s development.  It is important to take your child to a pediatric dentist, for routine checkups, despite the fact that baby teeth eventually fall out.  Even though they are impermanent, it is not a good thing to have an untreated cavity, at any age.  If your child has the signs of a cavity, you should take him or her to a pediatric dentistry specialist, as quickly as possible.  The sooner you go to the dentist, the sooner the cavity will be removed, which will be good for your child’s health, in a general sense.

Refresh Dental

1018 Webber Greens Drive

Edmonton, AB T5T 4K5




Once, a treat only for the most affluent people in our city, now an almost routine part of the average adult’s life, the modern day spa and beauty salon is making its way into more and more people’s lives and itself developing and metamorphosing all the while. Today’s spa is very distinct from yesterday’s spa in many ways. So, what is happening right now and what does the future probably hold for the world of spas?

Right now, what the industry is really embracing are the male clients that have only just begun to dominate some of the spa client lists. The spa industry was once completely dominated by women and only very recently has begun to show strong possibilities in the male market. Spas have had so many male visitors in the last few years in fact, that many spa owners have begun to play with the idea of opening spas which are targeted exclusively for women. The all male spas would be built with the hopes of drawing in many male clients who still harness old spa stigmatisms about spas being places for women to go to talk and get a hair coloring. The other aspect of the all male salon would be to offer more male orientated activities. There is even one spa owner in Colorado who has been considering the idea of incorporating a baseball practice facility with a spa center. The two together would mean that boys could get in their physical exercises and then immediately pamper their bodies afterwards, and all at the same facility. There will certainly be many more concepts on the rise with the male spa centers as their popularity among men continues to grow. It is not just men either, who are the subject of new spa concepts.

The family spa center is getting to be very popular. Not only men, but whole families are the wave of the future in the spa world. Now, with mom and dad spending their weekend at the local spa, who is going to stay home and take care of the kids? The answer is a whole family spa center. These all ages spas will make it easier for parents to get away, while still spending time with the family. The family spa is being designed with the wants of all ages in mind. The new centers will still include all the traditional aspects such as; a beauty salon, a nail salon, a massage area, a skin treatment area, but they will also have parts designed just for the children. The children’s area will include a movie center for the young ones to relax and enjoy a good show and a pool area with slides and water games, for the kids to get out some of that energy. Many of the family spas might even start to offer daycare services inside the spas, so mom and dad can escape away to be alone for a while. It seems that all the new spa trends have one thing in common; more spa time for everyone.

If you are looking to do carpet care marketing, you must include social media.

http://www.carpetcaremarketinggurus.comFor people running their own carpet cleaning companies, carpet care marketing is a must.  And in the world today, that means doing the bulk of your marketing on the Internet.  Online marketing can help to drive business to your company, and can increase the overall profits of your company greatly.  However, this is only happens when your digital marketing is focusing on the right things.  And one of those things that is incredibly important to be focusing on is social media.  A huge portion of all of the traffic on the Internet runs through social media sites.  When you see someone sitting a bus stop and they are on their phone, there is a high chance that they are looking at one of their many social media pages.  In order for companies to be effective, they must understand this, and capitalize on it in an effective way.  However, many companies simply jump into social media without thinking about why they are doing that and how they should do it.  Without a comprehensive plan for social media, it is likely that your carpet cleaning or carpet care company will not get the results you were hoping for with your introduction to social media.

Before getting into social media, it is important to understand the facts about why you should.  Roughly 75% of American online adults purchased a product at one point or another based on a recommendation from someone that they know.  They find out what their friends and acquaintances like from social media.  It is incredibly obvious, therefore, that social media has a massive impact on the economy as whole.  In order for your carpet cleaning company to stay relevant and keep up with your competitors, you must have a strong social media presence.

Part of the process of creating a strong social media presence is similar to carpet cleaning web design.  It involves creating Facebook and other social media account pages, and updating those pages regularly.  Rather than simply creating the page though, it is important to understand how you should design your social media accounts to drive more traffic to them, and ultimately more traffic to your web page.  More and more people are doing their shopping online.  Many studies have shown that roughly half of the traffic on the Internet is driven through social media pages.  People will hear about your business through social media.  For these reasons, it is important to have great looking social media pages.  This avenue of business is one you absolutely want to be a part of.

In order to have the best social media presence, it is a great idea to choose a professional carpet cleaning marketing company such as Carpet Care Marketing Gurus.  They will help you to design your social media pages, and they will understand the things you can do to help drive more and more traffic to them.  The goal of a social media campaign is to benefit your business, and the team at Carpet Care Marketing Gurus will be able to deliver for you. 

Natural headache relief can be identified through referred pain.

The Richmond Headache Clinic treats many different patients suffering from various kinds of headaches and hoping to find a natural headache remedy. They receive calls and pleas from many different people suffering from the issues that are related to their headaches and who have identified no possible permanent solution to these problems as of yet. http://www.lexingtonheadacheclinic.comThe beauty of the work at the Richmond Headache Clinic is that they are committed to helping people determine the root causes of their headaches and other pains. Instead of leaving them to wills of their pain and simply prescribing them medication to handle the issues that have been the result of the deeper issues, the doctors at the Richmond Headache Clinic look to deeper causes and employ a multidisciplinary approach to headache relief through their thorough and thoughtful approach to headache relief. One key thing that they have been able to identify many headache issues through is the concept of “referred pain.” With referred pain, patients feel pain in a certain area although it is another muscle entirely that is causing the pain. A great example of referred pain is the numb sensation that someone might feel in their arm when they are having a heart attack. With this in mind, a lot of folks work out solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist and wonder why they are still in pain. It is the job of physicians to help identify when a toothache is really a headache, as was the case in this scenario:

The Richmond Headache Clinic physicians tell a story about a patient who came in complaining of terrible pain due to falling and breaking part of her left front tooth. After an x-ray was performed, the tooth was shown to have had a root canal and that the tooth itself was not fractured in any way. To help her deal with the pain, the doctors prescribed some prednisone and sent her home. She was still in pain once the weekend came, so the doctors gave her some antibiotics. When Monday rolled around, nothing had changed at all. Since the doctors had offered many solutions to deal with pain in her tooth, they realized her pain had nothing to do with her tooth and that the issue was actually quite different. Once they realized the tooth was fine, the doctors identified that the issue was a muscle, for which the tooth was a trigger point for pain. So, by determining the real cause of the problem, the doctors were able to prescribe natural headache relief rather than prescribing some massive dose of a narcotic to numb all of the pain.

This is the beauty of working with a physician committed to natural cluster headache remedies and solutions to headache related issues. By thinking about pain in a more holistic manner, doctors are able to solve the problems the patients are experiencing rather than just treating their pain. That is truly the mark of a good doctor, and when this is the type of physician you work with, you are sure to get the best treatment available!

It is important for your business to have a solid social media marketing strategy.

online marketingSocial media sites are the most frequently visited websites on the internet. These days it seems that pretty much anyone who is anyone has a social media presence, and social media sites are the most popular sources for gathering information. Marketing teams have figured this out and social media marketing strategies have been incredibly effective in recent years. The social media marketing game is constantly growing and changing, which is why it is so important for your business to stay on top of its social media marketing strategy. Social media is the easiest and most effective way to take your customers and turn them in to personal ambassadors for your business. With social media being so popular these days, word travels more quickly than ever before. Use this to your advantage by promoting your business’ social media and online presence. There is a vast audience out there right now that carries great possibilities for the promotion of your business or organization. If all of this social media talk is over your head, or something that you feel only your grandkids can really understand, not to worry. These days there are companies that specialize in social media marketing strategies so that you don’t have to worry about it. Envolve Agency is an online marketing firm based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their professional and knowledgable staff understands the ins and outs of social media and how to make it work to your business’ advantage.

Envolve Agency is not your average online marketing firm. Their dedicated and professional team believes that online marketing is about building relationships with your customer base. Their social media marketing strategies are backed by traceable results that you can see for yourself on their website. Their unique approach to online marketing combines specialized website development and design with targeted social media strategies and smart branding options for your business. Envolve Agency is dedicated to working with their individual clients every step of the way to ensure that your website and online presence reflects the purpose of your business as well as your style and your values. An awesome website design combined with a strong social media strategy can give your business the edge it needs to advance beyond your competition. They believe that it is important for every person to get in to business doing something that they love to do and they want to ensure that your online presence reflects your love for your work. With that in mind, it is also important to mention that the team at Envolve Agency is incredibly passionate about what they do and they are crazy good at it too.

If you are looking to up your business’ online marketing game and increase your audience of potential clients and customers, call Envolve Agency today to talk about your wide variety of options. They are your one stop shop for all of your online marketing needs and there is no one out there that is better or more passionate about helping you to turn your customers in to ambassadors for your business.

Marketing a dentist’s office can lead to more revenue.

When a dentist is looking to start their own office, there is a good chance that the debate centers around how to get new patients to come to the office.  There are more than likely a few things that will help in this respect.  Primarily, one would have so through the internet.  The internet has changed how we do pretty much everything in the world.  Nothing is how it was and that is a positive in a lot of respects.  This is especially the case when it comes to accessing information.  At this point in time, individuals have more information available at their fingertips than ever before.  There is a study that once stated something to the effect that if you lived in the 19th century, you would be able to learn about as much as the front cover of a New York Times newspaper.  Now you have access to the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.  As a result, this is just how people access information.  The consequences for this and how it relates to people trying to find a new dentist are clear.  If you are going to be looking for a new dentist, then chances are you are going to be doing so online.

Dental GurusFrom the dentist perspective, they want to make sure that people have the most access to their information possible.  A good way for them to supply this is by having a well designed website that allows for people to interact with the page, find out more about the dentist, and potentially ask questions of the dentist.  This offers a great way to attract more and more people because it gives people more and more confidence in the system that is set up.  It is also important to keep in mind that dentists will be looking to keep these people for a long time, so posting of their information and prices may also be a very good step forward.  There are some many things that a dental office can propose, it just takes a good company to organize all of the information for them.  This is just a simple thing to keep in mind when trying to market a dental office.

There are also a number of companies out there that have a load of experience in marketing different dental offices.  Dental Gurus has a dedicated team working toward making sure that more and more dentists are happy with the product that is being put forth.  By connecting dentists and their perspective customers, these websites have the opportunity to increase the revenue for a dental office by a considerable amount.  One has to wonder just how much the impact would be, but most would say that it is undeniable to see just how many more people would be attracted to the website and therefore the dental office.  It could be a huge game changer for anyone that is looking to start a new dental office or increase the patronage of their current shop for a limited fee.