While most people read a variety of genres, it is important to note that they also have preferred ones. This lists some of the more popular genres that have captured the imaginations of most people.

1. Mystery, Thriller and Crime

Making up about 48% of the Fiction market, this genre is also synonymous with detective fiction as it usually involves an investigation of a crime mystery. In some cases, mystery books may also be non-fiction with retellings of actual crimes. Probably contributing to this genre’s popularity is the rise of authors like Dan Brown.

2. Science Fiction

With 26% of the market for fiction, science fiction is very popular as well. It is a genre that deals with imaginative visualizations like futuristic settings, advanced science and technology, travel in space, parallel universes, life on other planets and paranormal capabilities. One underlying topic of science fiction is the exposition of the consequences of scientific advances. It is usually used by authors as a method to examine ideas on philosophy such as identity, morality, social structure and even desire.

3. Romance

Currently experiencing a renaissance of sorts with the rise of the subgenre of erotica through the wildly popular Fifty Shades series, this genre holds 21% of the fiction market. The main focus of this genre is the relationship and romantic love between two people that must have a satisfying conclusion. Reading of this genre is often times looked down upon due to it being viewed as a pedestrian type of literature. However, as indicated by its popularity, this fact doesn’t seem to matter to most people.

4. History

Comprising about 31% of the non-fiction market, History has long been the most popular genre in the non-fiction category. Often dealing with wars and important events this genre is reliant on facts derived from real accounts by people and actual documents. Accuracy is often emphasized but liberties in terms of storytelling are often taken by authors to make it more interesting to read.

5. Biography

With 29% of sales in the non-fiction market, Biography emerges as the second most popular book genre. Biographies are detailed description of a particular person’s life. More than just stating facts, a well-written biography would recount a person’s experiences of a particular event presenting it as an exposition of the subject’s life story and highlighting important parts of his or her life. This may include details that are intimate to the subject as well as an analysis of the person’s personality.



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