There’s just something about reading physical books while visiting or stopping by some great spots that will keep anyone, especially those who had been offering prints to consumers for a long while, to have those printed versions kept on their shelves for more years to come.

It could either be of several reasons. Perhaps it’s the transcendental beauty that each tome offers that bonds the reader to the manuscript—from the knowledge or awakening that it imparts to the physical lure that each volume provides. Maybe, the emotional connection that it shares with the reader that makes one want more time with either a paperback or a hardcover, and be its companion for several hours at any moment that time allows. Or possibly the fact that a book can be a part of one’s collection.

There will always be a chance that someone’s writings will be read by others. That’s the reason why special places where they could be found abound. Now if you happen to visit Sydney, you can also add to your timetable to visit the best places in Sydney to find books.


1. Gertrude & Alice Bookstore

Location: 46 Hall St, Bondi Beach

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The names Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas had been associated with each other for more than a century now. Both came from Jewish families and had rich history in art and literature.  For their influences on modern art, writing as well as cooking, they continue to inspire readers, writers, scholars, visual scholars, and even those who have an inclination in cooking.

Once you step into the premises of the bookstore, you will see countless number of books from ceiling to floor, interposed with shared tables. Gertrude & Alice provide a haven for the surfers as well as backpackers of Bondi Beach.

The place that was named after Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas likewise boasts of a Hemingway room that is more tranquil and also lined with reference books—an appropriate nook for the bookworm.


2. Kinokuniya

Location: Level 2, The Galleries, 500 George Street, Sydney

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Kinokuniya has the greatest collection of books in Sydney, with an extensive compilation of more than 300,000 titles in English, Japanese, Chinese, French as well as German.

Situated at the heart of Sydney CBD, Kinokuniya also stores an excellent range of manga, graphic novels, art and design, travel as well as cookbooks. It also features an in-store art gallery which displays work from both local and international artists.

With its spacious and tranquil environment, sufficient natural light and also receptive and very informative staff, anyone visiting Kinokuniya will definitely find a haven in every corner of the bookstore.  Moreover, The Kinokuniya Café situated within the premises of the bookstore offers readers more space to relax and enjoy the atmosphere within the establishment.


3. Dymocks

Location: 424 George St., Sydney, NSW

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Considered as one of Australia’s most established bookstore and had been in the business for more than 135 years. The company was established in 1879 by William Dymock and now has been determined as the oldest Australian-owned bookstore), Dymocks boasts of well over 300,000 book titles to choose from, along with an extensive range of stationery, an ABC Centre, SBS Shop as well as Lonely Planet hub, all in-store.

Since 1986, Dymocks has been offering a franchise system that allows people to have their own piece of this great bookselling tradition.



4. Berkelouw Bookstore

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A long history of trading books had been Berkelouw’s footing for what it had accomplish through six generations doing the business. Today, the company is deemed to be Australia’s largest and longest established new, secondhand as well as rare bookseller with bookshops located in Sydney, Melbourne and also Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast.


5. Abbey’s Bookshop

Location: 131 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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Abbey’s Bookshops includes three establishments: Abbey’s Bookshop, Galaxy Bookshop and Language Book Centre. The company has been an independent bookseller in Sydney since 1968 and has since fostered a strong standing for providing a huge collection of books coupled with outstanding customer service. It also offers a global ordering system that can be accessed through its unique URL.


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